My modifications for OBD software’s ‘Wings over the Reich’.

Currently reviewing all mods after the release of the large V1.19 game update; so I’ve cleaned out the page whilst I check for conflicts, and even the need for some of my mods considering some of the nice additions OBD have brought in.

I’ll post them as and when they’re ready. Some won’t be back as the update has added the developers own version (formations, player map icon etc.)

Apologies for the lack of demonstrative screenshots for most of these, these will be added in again when I have time. And well done OBD, you’re doing a good job on Wings Over the Reich

Accurate and high resolution map

This is a higher resolution map, but also totally redrawn to fit the game world (it doesn’t seem to match any real life projection). Still a WIP as there is much to do, however it is very much fit for purpose for the current area covered by WoTR.

NB. Intended to be used with the ‘no aircraft icon’ mod.

Accurate map mod (dropbox link)

Below is a example of the change the mod brings to the in-flight view (click to view), the modded screenshot also makes use of the smaller map view but note the scale is the same:

The mod also changes the map in campaign/quick mission and briefing views and introduces smaller icons in flight that are also redrawn. Fo example the airbase icon is now two crossing runways, rather than a biplane image. Briefing icons have also been redrawn, along with waypoint markers.

Current progress:

As of early August 2019 (v3.2) the British and north/west European coastline has been completely redrawn, and detail of towns (and lakes) provided for much of Britain, Belgium, The Netherlands and a signifiant portion of France. I’ve noticed the in-game map detail does actually seem to tail off as you go further south and west. There’s a fair bit of Germany detailed as well, and Switzerland also has some detail in place now, probably as much as it will ever need! The eastern French border now runs down to the south coast, Belgian and Netherlands borders are already complete.

After being informed the game crashing in the far north had been fixed in an earlier game patch, I’ve added in the relevant UK coast, Isle of Man and Western facing bit of Germany and removed the majority of the top border that I was using to mask this area.

Here are two comparison shots taken of the files that are used for the in-flight map to show the difference.

Since v 3.1 I’ve also (as requested) increased the label size of towns and groups when seen in the briefing/QMB map view.

Flight Models

These are modified flight models of the three aircraft available to the player at this point of writing it does also modify the AI models for them too but please note the directions in the readme and the guidance on this blog. I started looking at these because I disliked the rudder action of the Hurricane, I then ended up doing the other two aircraft. Please be aware that the vast majority of the hard work was done by OBD in the original FMs.

NB. Last testing on game version 1.18 showed the 109 flight model is not compatible with having tree density set to high; this prevents takeoff at some short, tree lined airfields so use medium density if you use the mod for the 109.

Hurricane MkIa

Hurricane MkIa FM (dropbox link)

Spitfire MkIa

Spitfire MkIa FM (dropbox link)

Bf 109 E4

Bf 109 E4 FM (dropbox link)

Collective Mod

This modifies a really large amount of things from images to sounds, damage values and weapons strengths, gunsights etc. The readme list is as below:

  • Weapon damage values have been amended, Axis cannons are more hardhitting
  • All aircraft damage values have been reviewed, all are more ‘structurally’ tough but bombers are significantly tougher. This means things like wings and fusalage are tougher, but engines or fuel tanks have default values. So to shoot down a bomber, aim for engines.
  • In game labels, the intended use is ‘dots only’ where a subtle dot will show at distance. Everythin else has been set to try and be less distrcting but visible if required (you may have to look around to get it on a fitting background).
  • a Bf 109E4 16C/D sight where 10m wingspan fills the sight at 100m; also locked so it won’t change size and the dimmer is set to on/off only. Visible area changed to circle rather than square.
  • Convergence set to 210m for bf109E4 Spitfire Mk1a and Hurricane MkIa
  • Fighter crash texture updated
  • The bracket for targeting is more subtle, enables selection for communications but reduces use as a ‘spotting tool’
  • Gunsmoke is now dark, based on account from a pilot
  • Oil damage is heavier and tinted with colour
  • Rolling surface sounds are less clear, no grass sounds for example
  • Metal rip and fabric rip sounds removed
  • Impact sounds enabled, and custom ones added
  • Default CFS3 fighter and bomber engine sounds removed (which seemed to drone in the background with no purpose)
  • The ground has been made slightly more bumpy
  • Tracer reduced to mostly 1 in 10 values for fixed guns.
  • Engine startup sound when mission loads disabled, to enable menu music to be enabled but not have the engine sound playing each time a mission starts.
  • New scramble sound effect; instead of air-raid siren there is an ambient sound (from the game then mixed) then phone ringing, scramble bell and running footsteps.
  • Gear extend and retract sounds (internal only) are much less audible, so now only muffled clanks and thumps of them being released, being in place, and when locked up. Custom built from in game sounds mixed with free ones and home made. (wheel sounds are timed to fit with the actual wheel movements as best as can, currently the Hurricane locked up lights come on too early). Now includes faint switch sounds as of v2.2.
  • Gun sounds (internal Hurricane, Spitfire and 109) are very much muffled, 20 mm cannon for 109 swapped to a modified version of the game’s 20mm cannon (it was using 50cal sound).
  • Hurricane and Spitfire sights toggle between on and off rather than multiple brightnesses.
  • Flap operation sounds (internal) changed to custom built ones: represents the click, or scrape/click or whir of a switch or wheel, and sometimes faint hydraulic sounds on Spitfire/Hurricane. The idea is that the flap movement is not heard as far as I can tell over engine noise, but there is some artistic licence applied here to provide feedback that pressing a key doesn’t give.
  • alters the original loading photo aspects to prevent skewing and gives an additional border
  • replaces the Swastika with Balkenkreuz and the Union flag with an RAF roundel
  • replaces the stock ‘busy’ images with customised screenshots which include a border effect
  • replaces the splash screen (on mission loading) with a custom one
  • replaces the main menu background images with ‘atmospheric’ images of the time: propaganda and recruitment posters etc.
  • changes the aircraft profile images for black and white ones. (This does not fix the stetching on the aircraft ‘stats’ information page)
  • softens the border of each image to try and hint at a it being a piece of a photo rather than a computer image
  • tries to standardise to some extent the colour/contrast across all the images
  • removes some artifacts
  • gives one of the germans a fair amount of his hair back.
  • New version of my dynamic Hurricane/Spitfire sight (which OBD adapted for the current in-game version), it now has no ‘fattening’ of the bars when changing between width settings. Also have made the extension out of sight more transparent than OBDs version.
  • Dim(mer) gunsight lenses when flying at night, the stock game now has them dimmer than they were, this is even more so on here to allow for a better environment when flying with the sight turned off.
  • alternative sounds for the 109 slats extension and retraction (non looping); now a difference between extension and retraction based on German pilot quotes

Collective mod (dropbox link)

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